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During the housing boom of 2005-06, huge building contracts such as Lennar Homes and Aubuchon subcontracted their drywall needs to Chinese companies. It all looked good at the time. Prices were cheap and the drywall was readily available. Fast forward to 2009 and the deal doesn’t look so sweet. On the contrary, it smells like sulfur. There was a good reason the drywall was so cheap. It was made from waste materials from scrubbers on coal-fired power plants and emitted a sulfur-like smell that’s absolutely intolerable according to the southwest Florida homeowners unfortunate enough to have homes built with this drywall. The deleterious health effects are not known at this point. What is known is that fixing the problem will be extremely expensive. Replacing drywall means gutting the house and that doesn’t guarantee a cure. If you want to add injury to insult, the defective drywall causes electrical problems.

This isn’t the first time we’ve dealt with defective products from China. Remember, they’re the same ones who brought us tainted heparin, contaminated baby formula, and defective, altered drugs.

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