Sarasota, Florida


Joseph H. Saunders

Chinese Drywall Homeowners Receive Property Value Reduction in Lee County

Homes that have been affected by the Chinese Drywall debacle in Lee County will receive a 50% reduction in their market value according to Ken Wilkinson, Lee County property appraiser. According to…

Joseph H. Saunders

Chinese Drywall Townhall Held in Lee County

Chinese drywall concerns led many Lee County residents to attend a town hall style forum to hear experts discuss the problem in Cape Coral yesterday. The attendees heard presentations from Jason…

Joseph H. Saunders

Electronic Cigarettes Receive FDA Warning

The FDA has issued a public health warning about the e-cigarettes being aggressively marketed to younger smokers. The electronic cigarettes contain a chemical found in anti-freeze, diethylene glycol…

Joseph H. Saunders

Federal Lawmakers Are Calling For Probe of Chinese Drywall Distributors

US Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Sarasota) has joined US Senator Bill Nelson in calling for a federal probe of the Chinese drywall fiasco. Buchanan has asked the US Trade Representative and the Federal…

Joseph H. Saunders

Chinese Drywall Homeowners Regret Signing Lennar Waiver

In a new twist to this southwest Florida Chinese drywall saga, homeowners are beginning to question the wisdom of signing waivers prepared by the home builder Lennar. Some homeowners whose property…

Joseph H. Saunders

FDA Takes Action on Chinese Imports

The FDA has halted Chinese food products that may contain milk until it can be determined if the products have been contaminated with the toxic chemical melamine. The products were stopped at the…

Joseph H. Saunders

Contaminated Groundwater Found in Sarasota County Landfill

Unsafe levels of iron, arsenic and ammonia have been discovered in the Central County landfill causing concerns about other landfills and a project at Cowpen Slough to convert its water into…